Monday, 24 March 2014

New improved route for 5th April

I'm getting the sense that there could be a fair turn-out for the ride to Harwich on 5th April, so I have been tweaking the route a little, searching for small improvements, the most significant of which is we can avoid the Bow Roundabout and all of the A11 as far as Stratford, hurrah!

Here is the new improved route:

If you are planning to join the ride and have a GPS device please load the route in so that if necessary we can split into smaller groups, because it won't be easy to stay all together if we are more than ten or so.

Ride info:
  • Grand Depart at noon from BikeFix in Lambs Conduit Street
  • about 120km at gentleman's pace, circa 22km/h
  • bring a snack to eat on your bike, we probably won't stop till...
  • dinner in Samuel Pepys, then...
  • ferry to Holland at 23:15, or
  • last train back to London at 22:28, or 
  • ride home, or
  • find lodgings and ride some nice quiet Essex/Suffolk lanes on the Sunday


  1. Hi Richard. I'm planning to come along on Saturday. What time at Bikefix?

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