Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bach's first overseas trip

Bacchetta and I went to Holland! What a fantastic country to ride a bike in. We will be getting familiar with the route to Harwich, as my Baltic and world tours both go that way.

This was our first proper ride, and all went smoothly. City riding can often be a little stressful, and especially riding in foreign cities. Hook of Holland to Den Haag however was among the least stressful riding I have ever done. Properly segregated and well engineered cycle routes and signposts everywhere, and when interactions with motor traffic do inevitably occur, drivers (most of whom probably also ride bikes) all seem to be so relaxed and happy to stick to the 30kp/h limits, cheerfully giving way to the thousands of men, women and children going about their daily business with not an inch of lycra or cycle helmet to be seen.

Cycling in NL is not sport, it's just the most sensible, convenient and convivial way to get around for many people's typical utility journeys. Utter joy, I will be back soon. Here are a few photos: