As a previous world bike rider once blogged, this is not for charity.  This is for fun, personal challenge, pleasure and self-financed.  I'm riding round the world because it's there, to paraphrase an early Everest mountaineer (hoping for a happier ending).  I must do it while still in the prime of my youth (52) - before I grow up, or old.  Let's face it: it's a six-month holiday riding my bike.  I'm as fit and healthy as I will ever be and blessed with a supportive family and employer (possibly they cannot wait to see the back of me).

However, if this blog does inspire readers give some hard-earned folding stuff away, I'd like to direct it towards one of my favourite charities: RoadPeace, a small charity which looks after the bereaved and injured from road crashes and campaigns for safer streets. Road crashes kill 1.3m a year, more than malaria or TB; by 2030 they will kill more than HIV/AIDS*.

My trip is entirely self-financed, none of the money you kindly donate will come to me to pay for new tyres and beer etc. I'm using which passes on more of your money to my chosen charity than some of the better-known sites like justgiving and virgin - there can be quite a difference

* The Economist, Jan 25th 2014  

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