Monday 4th June 2012: Mike Hall has won the World Bike race in 91 days 18 hours 23 mins for 18,175 miles (provisional time to be ratified by Guinness World Records).  He was well ahead of the pack right from his first day in France with a 376k blast from Dieppe to Châteauroux.  His lead continued to widen from there.  He averaged well over 300k/day (200 miles) for three months, finished over 8,000km ahead of his closest rival and smashed the Guinness World Record by two weeks.  I met him at the finish.

More here

Full interview to follow in Arrivée Magazine

The race began from the Greenwich meridian line on 18th February 2012... ten riders racing against each other and to beat the current Guinness World Record.  Five going east, five going west.

some travelling light

some more heavily laden

signing on

which way's south?

10 second countdown

and they're off!

camaraderie between the rivals

navigational struggles 1/2 mile from start... none of the riders are Londoners

More photos from the start here

Keep up with race progress here

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